Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Our last day off work

It's back to work on Wednesday, so we made the most of our last day off by trying to get the lounge and main bedroom done.

Anne's nearly finished the bedroom now. She'll finish glossing the skirting boards and picture rail in the evenings. Here's a picture of her painting:

And I ploughe don with the lounge. Having sanded the floor yesterday I filled the gaps today. There were some big gaps, and I was unsure if the boards were going to be suitable to be left bare with such big gaps between them. I got some filler and started filling. Within 40 minutes I was out of filler and had hardly filled any gaps, so I went back to Homebase and got three more tubes. An expensive business this DIY! Before we left the house this evening I'd sanded the filler, and put the first coat of varnish on. Getting there - yay! This photo is before the first coat of varnish:

It's good having the garden to hack away at. When we've been tired of working indoors, in need of fresh air, or waiting for paint or filler to dry we've been nipping outside to cut away at some of the dense floiage. We now have a huge pile of cuttings and much more space in the garden. It'll take a lot of work but it should be fun. I hope we're allowed fires in our garden, as I think we'll need them to get rid of all the stuff we've cut down.

Finally, yesterday we met some more of our neighbours. On one side we have John and Mary, on the other side John and Margaret, and opposite we have Jack and Mary. I can't see that getting confusing at all!


Anonymous said...

I do so dearly hope that's a rolled up copy of "The Sun" in Anne's back pocket!!!
- Amy

Amy said...

I do *so* hope that's a rolled up copy of "The Sun" in Anne's back pocket!!

Stephen said...

Not sure. I imagine it's probably paint.

Or a bag of Wagon Wheels.