Monday, October 25, 2004

Too tired to post

A long day. We're too tired to write a blog, so here it is.

We hired a floor sander today, pulled the carpets up in three rooms, and sanded the floorboards. It was long, tiring work.

Luckily, removing the carpets wasn't too much of a problem, since in two of the bedrooms they were laid loose, with no underlay - only old newspapers under them(!). Hmmm. The lounge carpet was actually laid properly, so that was a little more time consuming to pull up.

The floors are now sanded. I'm currently in two minds as to whether the floorboards are good enough to leave bare - we'll have to wait and see what they look like when the gaps are filled and the floors are varnished. Doing this may put us off our schedule to have the main bedroom and lounge finished by the weekend (we only have tomorrow off, then we're back at work) but it should be worth it as:
1) it's best to do the sanding now when we have almost nothing in the house as dust gets everywhere;
2) if the floors turn out to be OK left bare we'll have nice wooden floors in many of the rooms;
3) I got to dress up:

The sanding machine itself was heavy as hell, but it made the sanding reasonably straight-forward. We had to do a lot of preparing though - meaning making sure all nails were a bit below the surface. We lost a few sheets of sanding paper to slightly protruding nails.

Add so to bed. We're pooped!

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