Thursday, October 14, 2004

What not to not watch

So the question is: am I to review movies on this site? I started doing that on our travel diary and it just got silly as I then had to review each and every film we saw (and we saw a lot).

This time, I won't let the obsessive side get the better of me, and I'll just mention films as and when the desire takes me. Let's see if that works.

And I won't be assigning star ratings this time either!

On Saturday we went to the Arts Picturehouse in Cambridge and saw the British film Dead Man's Shoes. It was very good. Having read Empire's review I thought it would be a gory slasher film, but it wasn't - it was interesting and quite different.

How many stars, you ask? I'm not doing star ratings. Are you simple?

We like the Arts Picturehouse, as it's not a grotty multiplex like the Cineworld or the Vue cinema. The staff aren't uninterested imbeciles. We figure you get a better class of cinema goer at the Picturehouse. We may be wrong in that assumption. There were only about eight other people in the cinema watching the film with us, so we were surprised that a few of them turned out to be anti-social idiots. A couple of them talked a fair bit during the film, and one woman answered a call on her mobile. What is going on???

We've just got the DVD of That Peter Kay Thing. I've not seen these before, but I loved Phoenix Nights so thought I'd check it out. We watched the first two episodes tonight - great stuff.

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