Monday, August 20, 2007

Lincolnshire Lils

Aug 07 250, originally uploaded by skenttaylor.

We went away to Woodhall Spa (Home of the Dambusters) in Lincolnshire to visit Anne's mum and step-dad for a long weekend, involving a day trip up to Bridlington on Friday to visit Anne's grandparents. ThingOne was an angel all weekend, even (surprisingly) during the car journeys.

She wore everyone out with her constant nattering (nothing sophisticated - mainly "Mummy socks, ThingOne no socks" etc etc) and running about. She's certainly full of joy at the moment.

She's also very cuddly all of a sudden, which isn't like her at all.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Dog-sitting weekend

Dogs 031, originally uploaded by skenttaylor.

Last weekend, through a series of baby-related contrivances, we dog-sat at a very posh house in farmland just outside Cambridge. The dogs were two Labrador retrievers called Nala and Tilly (very friendly, lively and good with ThingOne) and the house was just gorgeous (apparently rescued from a derelict state 12 years ago).

The grounds were also great, with pretty gardens, a large lawn for ThingOne to run around on shouting “ThingOne ThingOne ThingOne ThingOne ThingOne!” and lots of nooks and crannies for her to explore. Our friend Pete was over from New York for a few days and visited on the Saturday for a relaxing day.

As we sat for dinner I’d tell Nala to sit as she nosed around for food: “Sit Nala” and, being a good dog, she obeyed. This led to ThingOne doing the same thing: “Sit LaLa!”. The following week, when we’d left the house and dogs ThingOne was still saying “Sit LaLa” at meal times.

There was also a little wooden house hidden in some bushes which ThingOne loved, and played tea parties there for most of the weekend.

We had a great time, and even though we were 20 minutes from home we felt like we’d had a really relaxing holiday. It helped that the weather was fabby. But I don’t think our house will be as nice or as much fun for ThingOne (or us) again.

Lots of more photos here on Flickr.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

...and The Bud makes four

Here's the 12 week scans of The Bud - ThingOne's little brother or sister due in February 08.

You see, we figured we were getting too much time to relax, read the paper, watch movies. Who needs to do that sort of thing?

It's just as well Anne got pregnant when she did, as soon after ThingOne stopped sleeping. If Anne wasn't pregnant by then it'd have been quite a while before we could have conceivably conceived.

Well done to us (and Anne especially).

Following in her dad's bookmarks

Aug 07 024, originally uploaded by skenttaylor.

I think I've been a bad influence on ThingOne.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Summer at last

Aug 07 092, originally uploaded by skenttaylor.

Finally - it's here!

Since it was sunny this weekend we (of course) went for a barbeque at the house of some friends in West London. ThingOne had a lot of fun playing in the paddling pool, as even had a Mini Milk lolly.

Today we went to Hinxton Mill, a working water mill which is open to the public five days a year. We had cream teas there. How great is summer?

Until tomorrow's post that is, where I complain a lot about the heat and how I'm having trouble sleeping...