Sunday, October 12, 2008

How to wear out a toddler

Start a weekend with your regular trip to dance class, play several games of "Tickle Doctor' (don't ask), have your dad draw ten to fifteen Little Miss characters in your drawing pad, panic whenever you little sis crawls towards the craft you're making, bound around the house pretending to be a 'furry' (ThingOne chooses not to pronounce it 'fairy, in a bid to be non-conventional),...
...throw in two separate trips to local playgrounds (Saturday afternoon and Sunday morining),...
...and have the extra-special treat of a trip to a local model railway on Sunday afternoon with three (count 'em) rides on the trains through the woodland,...
...and you're bound to be exhausted:

Your dad feels the same ThingOne. And I've got a week of work ahead of me.

I'm off to bed.

Sleep well (please ThingOne).

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Tragic Johnson

It's a sure sign that your daughter's hair needs cutting, when you go into her bedroom and think, "Why's the Mayor of London in my house?"
This one is ThingOne

This one is Boris Johnson