Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello customer Morten!

We bought some coffee tables recently and they came in a big box. Having the box in the back room has given ThingOne and ThingTwo some fun. The coffee tables are gathering dust somewhere around the house, I imagine.

Recently they've started to play "shop" together with the till or "money pinger", as Lola (and so ThingOne) calls it. I don't know how much ThingTwo understands, but they play nicely together and it's very sweet. Occasionally I get roped into buying some tat or other. I'm a very patient customer.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Five years on and on

You wait five years for a five year anniversary and then two come along at once.

Five years ago today I posted the first entry to this blog (which contained a similar photo to the one in the link above). Who would have thought that, thanks to this blog, five years on I'd be working for the European Parliament, managing a budget of some seven billion? Seems amazing doesn't it! Almost as though I just made up a random "fact" off the top of my head.

The blog has gone through two name changes, and a couple of make overs, and still looks a bit noddy. I don't think we really intended it to be a regular blog, more a place to post a few photos every now and then, but I'm happy it's evolved into what it is, though wonder if I'll have to moth-ball it when the girls are old enough to see what we posted about them.

Please join us in raising your cup of coffee and saying "Happy fifth anniversary Stephen and Anne's blog". And see how silly you feel.