Thursday, October 21, 2004

Right said Fred...

All our digits are crossed re: completing on the house tomorrow. If we do complete we'll have lots to do; not least getting all our furniture out of our flat in Ealing (which we're in the process of selling) and the rest of our stuff from my mum's house in Welwyn. My mum's been storing loads of our stuff since January 2003, so when we finally get it all to Cambridge she'll have half her garage back, and plenty of room in her loft! We must have so much junk. Having survived a year abroad with only what we could carry, and then eight months in Cambridge in a small flat I wonder if we'll just want to throw a lot of stuff away once we've figured out what we have.

Moving the stuff from Ealing may be difficult, as we'll have to get it all out of the door and down the stairs. There's not a heck of a lot there, but some of what is there will be awkward to lift and manoeuvre - notably two sofas, a washing machine and a fridge freezer.

With this in mind I've been researching ways to do the job. Having decided against paying a packet for real removal men, I've decided to rent a van and a "sack barrow" type trolley and do it myself. I've also roped some friends in using vague promises of drinks at a later date.

The van is a Luton Box Van with a tail lift. The trolley is a special step climbing one. It makes it easier to go up and down stairs using a diggy three wheel gadget.

I'm quite excited about this - it should be fun driving a big van around! It's a little frightening too though.

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