Sunday, February 20, 2005

What would Buffy do in this situation?

We've had a busy few weekends, visiting Anne's sisters up north (see first photo) and having friends visiting us in Cambridge. Showing friends around Cambridge, we realised there are still lots of things here we've not seen, having spent (it seems) most of our weekends last summer searching for a house.

I've also been building a PC. Anne begged me not to. Anne wanted me to buy a new ready-built one. I enjoy tinkering though, even if something inevitably goes wrong and it ends up taking me ages.

Something went wrong. I kept getting the Blue Screen of Death. It took me a while to figure out why. Anne had the patience of a saint.

It was the memory I was using (see memtest results below). The memory was cheap stuff, and wasn't compatible with my kit. That'll learn me. I ended up getting better memory, and it then worked (barring a few issues between Windows XP SP2 and the Athlon 64 processor, but you'd probably fall asleep if I went into that). Anne smiled, and nodded lovingly as I gave her a commentary on my progress. That girl is an angel. Pity her.

We don't give each other Valentine's gifts, but to thank her for her tolerance (and to apologise) I popped into Waitrose on my way home from work on the day after Valentine's Day and picked up a bunch of roses. They were £45 the day before, but had been reduced to a tenner by the 15th. Result! I left the price on so Anne could see her worth in pounds sterling.

This weekend, we had to ourselves. We spent Saturday morning in the garden, pulling out roots, pulling out weeds, turning soil and generally tidying up. The garden's much less of a mess than when we bought the place.

We're gradually getting it to a state where we can put grass seed where we want grass, and other seeds where we want veggies.

On Saturday afternoon we popped to the garden centre and came back with rhubarb, blackcurrant and rasberry plants. Yay! We'd planned to put them in the ground on Sunday morning, biut it snowed and snowed, so we left them in the shed.

So, instead, we had a lazy Sunday morning. In the afternoon we went to The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. It's a great building:

The musuem was quite good in places, but a lot of it was closed. There was a lot of Roman and Egyptian stuff, which is interesting but I'd sometimes rather see some British stuff than stuff stolen from other countries. Cambridge has a wealth of history, so we'll look out for a place that will show us some of that.

The day had started well when I woke Anne with fresh coffee and Green and Blacks almond chocolate. Anne told me she'd been dreaming that she was Sarah Michelle Geller (Buffy) and was trying to sort out an objected-oriented database she's dealing with at work. Of course she had.

Funny that: I've had many dreams in which Anne is Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Ruminant recycling

Some friends of ours,Ian and Sarah, are currently travelling in South America, on their way to Canada (there's a link to their blog on the left hand side of this page). Ian's sent me a photo of something which he thinks might solve Anne's problem (from her previous post):

Friday, February 04, 2005

D'oh! A Deer!

As some readers may know, I'm not the world's biggest fan of driving. Now that we have moved to the middle of nowhere, I am obliged to drive the car sometimes. Wednesday was one of those times. We were going to the monthly film quiz in Archway, so I had to leave work, pick up Stephen and then head for London. I've done this journey hundreds (twenty) times before, I'm relatively (not) confident about doing it.

I was hurtling (60mph) along the A505 when from the hedgerow, merely 1m from the road, a deer emerged. I remember thinking "What's that? Oh, a deer. Why is it running towards me?" Then I braked. Thankfully, the deer had passed the front of the car by that point. Ridiculously, a second kamikaze deer was a couple of metres behind the first one, and it slammed into my front wing and bounced of the passenger side door. I don't think I swore (much).

I managed to drive on a bit (whilst the man behind me loaded the venison into his boot) and pulled into a lay-by. As I pulled in I started shaking uncontrollably. I then rang Stephen to inform him that I'd ruined his new car. He was very nice about it and better not bring it up in any arguements.

After a small cry, I drove to Melbourn to pick him up and we managed to get down to London for the night. Yes, London, where you travel on public transport and there are no frigging deers! Bloody Sticks.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Some bad news

Anne and I have been married just over five months now. Not long is it? No.

And a fortnight ago I lost my wedding ring.

I'm miserable about this. Understandably. I think I may have lost it in the house, but can't be entirely sure. We've turned the house upside down looking for it but are beginning to accept it's gone. Poo! And bums.

Anne was very annoyed with me when I lost it. I tried to cheer her up by joking that as I'd lost my ring we were technically no longer married. I soon discovered it was Too Early To Joke About This. Oops.

How can I lose the ring in less than five months? I only ever took it off to go to bed or do the washing up.

I'd make a rubbish Frodo.

Browser share

Here's a pie chart showing what browsers people visiting this web site are using. It looks like Firefox is catching up with Internet Explorer, though you'll have to take into account that my (Firefox) visits to the site are counted here, and I visit it and refresh it to check that my posts have gone up OK and to check for comments. Even so, quite a few people are using this new search engine. [Late edit: I meant browser, not search engine. Maybe I should read my posts before posting.]

That's right. It's fascinating.