Monday, November 01, 2004

London calling

After a hectic Friday to Tuesday doing up the house last week we found going back to work quite restful. We still popped over there in the evenings (Anne's to finish off the bedroom, me to varnish the living room floor) but nothing too strenuous. On Friday some friends from my years at The Economist, Andrew and Shae, with whom we stayed in Sydney last year had drinks in London so we sodded the house and I planned to go there. I wangled it so I was working in London that day and after work walked from Buckingham Palace Road to Oxford Street to meet up with lots of ex-colleagues. Walking through some very touristy areas made me feel like I wasn't a local (which I'm not any more) so I joined in by taking some touristy photos.

Here are some London bobbies near Buckingham Palace:

And here's me, looking psychotic outside the Queen's house. Surprising the policemen didn't have their eye on me looking like this:

I couldn't stay for drinks too late. I needed to be up at the crack of dawn the next day to pick up my step-climbing sack barrow and Luton Van with tail lift. We had a big weekend planned.

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