Thursday, March 09, 2006

Char Wars

I'm away from home for four nights on a course. I'm training on a software package, and staying in a hotel in the evenings. After eight weeks of constantly being aware of a helpless child in the house I should be enjoying the time off, but I feel a bit guilty as ThingOne was hard work in the evenings at the weekend due, it seems, to teething. At eight weeks - ridiculous! (I'm pleased to say it sounds like ThingOne's been better since I've been away, so maybe it's me that's the problem.)

Anyway, I've been entertaining myself by watching season two of Deadwood on my laptop, and sleeping (though I've found I keep waking in the night, of course). The hotel is an old Tudor building, with wireless internet access. A nice mixture.

I returned to the hotel for the second evening on Tuesday to find the cleaning lady (I'm assuming it's a lady - sue me) had decided that I'd put things in all the wrong places, and had sorted the room out for me. My bags go in the cupboard, not on the floor apparently, and the bag of laundry doesn't go under the desk - it goes on top of the cupboard. My washbag doesn't go near the sink - it goes behing the loo. I have some photos of ThingOne with me, which I'd put next to my bed, but it seems only the phone is allowed there, so the photos went next to the TV.

I was mildly annoyed that she'd rearranged everything, so put things back where I wanted them. But I decided to relax and have some fun with it. I've been moving more and more things around, and each evening things are back where (the cleaning lady thinks) they should be. I was tempted to move the TV into the bathroom, but came to my senses and realised I had to be mature about this, so I just stuck to putting my property all around the room in odd places.

It's lucky I'm only here for four nights, else this could get nasty.