Thursday, December 29, 2005

Coming soon...

According to one of Anne's books, by the time Anne was 35 weeks pregnant I should have learnt how to make my own breakfast. I like to think I am that prepared.

I'd say we're pretty much ready for The Bean's arrival now (he/she is due on Saturday!) We've had a relaxing Christmas, seeing King Kong at the pictures on the 23rd, entertaining my mum, sister and brother-in-law on Christmas Eve, and spending much of Christmas Day itself doing Saturday's Guardian cryptic crossword (we have Anne's dad to thank for that - he gave us some tantilising hints on Christmas morning).

We spent much of yesterday afternoon in the hospital, with Anne's blood pressure being monitored. It's been a bit high occasionally, which could be a sign of problems, but she has no other symptoms so this was just a precaution. Anne wants a home birth, so we have all our fingers crossed in the hope that that will be possible.

I returned to work today, and when I got home (after I was handed a G&T by Anne, and had eaten my dinner) we put the birthing pool together. The instuctions say it should take 15 minutes, but we'd heard people talk of it taking a couple of hours so were a bit wary.

It turned out to be straight-forward, and 20 minutes later we had a swimming pool under the Christmas tree, in place of our dining room table (now relegated to the kitchen).

Monday, December 12, 2005

You need a licence for a dog

Anne's becoming increasingly inept in her ninth month of pregnancy. This morning she accidentally kicked our PC at home and switched it off.

I am making sure I get as much mileage as I can out of this sort of clumsiness, and yet in some ways I can't really push it too far. At the weekend I managed to spill half a cup of coffee over our living room by kicking it out of my own hand with my foot.

Don't ask.