Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Anne is ThingOne's play thing

ThingOne's still on top form. I'm off to the US again with work in a week so if things go as they have before she'll get ill just before I leave.

In the meantime we'll make the most of her having lots of fun and exploring everything she can. Here she is having a lot of fun running round and round her mother...

Monday, April 09, 2007

Where did you get that hat? Sainsburys.

ThingOne's been on really good form for a week now, having got over some illnesses. Parenting seems so easy when she's well. Tiring, but such a pleasure. She's toddling around being very funny and has recently started wanting to kiss us quite a lot (but only on her terms - it doesn't work if YOU want a kiss.) This is lovely, unless she hasn't has her nose wiped in a while, in which case it's quite grim.

We spent some of the Easter Egg weekend down near Hastings staying with friends. One of the two couples we were seeing is expecting a baby in July, so we were hoping that ThingOne would be good to show them some of the upsides of parenting (rather than the exhaustion-related bit which we've moaned about a fair bit). I've rarely seen ThingOne better, so I hope they're still up for it! (It's rather too late if they're not.)

Even on top form ThingOne's still willful. I bought her a hat for the summer on Friday from Sainsburys (yes, my daughter is almost as trendy as I am). It's a nice red hat but ThingOne refused to wear it. She delighted in pulling it off her head as soon as we put it on her and throwing it to the ground.

Today though we may have found the solution. I showed her pictures of a baby wearing a red hat in one of her books, and put ThingOne's hat on one of her dolls. I pretended that I thought the doll looked rather dapper wearing the red hat. The next time I put the hat on ThingOne's head, Anne and I clapped for ThingOne, and ThingOne looked very pleased with herself, as though it was she and not me who had had a victory here. She then kept it on for quite a while.

When I later stopped her from walking into the road outside our house she became enraged and threw the hat to the ground, so the victory ended there, but it was a victory all the same.

We're pleased that ThingOne is still fairly easy to manipulate. Heaven help us when that changes...

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bouncing baby

It's been a while since my last post (a while since I wrote a post - I only just posted the 16th March one). It's been a tough few weeks as ThingOne's been ill. It's tough when she's ill, not least because we end up smelling of baby sick, but also because it's so sad to see her so unhappy. She reverts to being a little baby, and hasn't eaten much either. It seems like she's wasting away, but I think that's just us worrying - in reality she's got a healthy amount of reserves to get her through weeks like that.

She's been well since the weekend though (when Anne and I started to come down with milder versions of her symptoms). Oh dear, I spoke too soon - she's still got a cough and seems to be waking up coughing as I write this (10.15pm). It might be another long night...

Here's a video taken at the weekend of ThingOne having fun on my back.