Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday ThingTwo!

Here we are again - another one turns two. Two years ago since ThingTwo was born in our front room, followed by an earthquake. And, other than a bit of teething, ThingTwo seems to be enjoying herself at the moment.

ThingOne was ill for a few days following her fourth birthday in January, and with a quieter elder sister for a change ThingTwo took the opportunity to step up. Almost overnight her language came on a lot. Having shown no interest in joining words she suddenly figured it out. A month later and we can barely shut her up. It's a lot of fun.

She can say a lot of words pretty well, but refuses to call ThingOne ThingOne. ThingOne is "Eee" according to ThingTwo. ThingOne has no problem with sharing a name with a Tombliboo. At the moment ThingTwo's main love is Peppa Pig, and ThingOne has no problem with that either. They both sit there watching it whenever they're allowed. ThingOne will laugh at the funny bits, and ThingTwo will mainly just make snorty pig noises.

I can't wait for the next year as she communicates more. She and ThingOne get on really well (long may that last). The occasional disagreement, sure, but that's only to be expected. It's so much fun having ThingTwo at the breakfast table, as she barks instructions at us, makes us each take a drink our drinks in turn, laughs at her own private jokes, and sings to herself.

I've put together a video of bits of her second year, ending in one such sing song from Wednesday morning this week.

Here's a link if the video doesn't display.