Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Brits say "Bush out"

The Guardian are encouraging readers to write to people in key US election states (e.g. Ohio) to encourage them not to vote for Bush and explain how important it is for the world that Bush is not re-elected. They've published some of the emails they've had from US citizens, many of whom are incensed by this:,13918,1329858,00.html

They're quite amusing. Whilst I agree with The Guardian (I don't know if Kerry's the right man for the job, but at the moment he's the only alternative) I can't help agreeing with the sentiment (if not the words) of some of the Yanks' indignant responses at the interference of Brits in their election. If we're not careful they'll get ratty and start wasting tea by throwing it in the harbour again.

On the other hand, the Yanks couldn't pull themselves together to not vote for another Bush at the last election (and not complain much when he became president fraudulently), so perhaps they do need our help.

Maybe we could all help to get rid of Bush, by foul means, and then defend ourselves by saying "Yes, our reasons were wrong, but isn't the world a better place without him?"

And refusing point blank to apologise for our underhandedness.

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