Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday ThingOne!


Today ThingOne turns five.

I 'had a moment' when getting her clothes out one morning a few weeks ago when I checked the label (to ensure it wasn't one of ThingTwo's tops) and saw the age 5-6 on it. How did I become the parent of a nearly-five year old? It's a tired cliché to say that time marches on without us being able to hold it back, but it certainly feels that way.

For today though, it's all about celebration, and making sure our little chimp has a great day. She's already had a great weekend, with a ten-pin bowling trip with friends on Saturday...

...and a butterfly party at our house with a few school friends on Sunday.



Anne made a butterfly cake, I valiantly tried and failed to organise some party games in the front room while the mums nattered in the back room, child free, and after some food the kids danced around to Roxy Music. ThingOne enjoyed herself, which was the main thing.

And ThingTwo seemed to have a good time too.