Sunday, October 24, 2004

In which we see a small baby and Anne kills some plants

Hello. I was pleased that yesterday Anne finally got around to doing her first post on this new blog. She's a fairly reluctant blogger, but loves it really.

This morning we raced off to Welwyn Garden City first thing to see our friends Kate and Dom and their four week old baby, Amelia. Kate had said that if I arrived before 10am I'd probably get a cuddle. I was a little disappointed when I arrived and realised she meant a cuddle with the baby! Rather than a cuddle from Kate. Which I just pretended to make it look like that's what I thought she meant. Do you see?

Amelia is a sweet baby, and I was terrified of damaging her. I think it's enough responsibility buying a house. What must it be like to have a little baby??!

Here's Daddy Dom adoring Amelia, and Anne confusing her:


Once we'd seen the baby (and what she fills her nappy with!) we drove back to Cambridge to continue with our decorating tasks. My mum came up to see the place and help out, and of course we had no problem finding some work for her to do. She helped me paint the living room and pointed out that I'd been painting it quite inefficiently the whole time. I'd been having real trouble painting the ceiling - the red kept showing through - but mum managed to cover it up completely. Star - thanks mum!

(NB: We obviously don't have the right to criticise the previous owners' colour schemes (red ceilings?) as we painted our loo bright pink in our flat in Ealing.)

Anne had a bit of a headache, so after a few hours painting the bedroom decided to get some fresh air. No rest for her though - she went into the garden and cut back the bushy foliage...

The garden's looking bigger already.

...and ended up with a huge pile of branches. At least we'll have something to burn the effigy of a Catholic on this November 5th.

We also had a go at the ivy on the front of the house (see photo in an earlier post) so we should be rid of that eventually.

We're so very tired.

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