Thursday, October 21, 2004


Having lived in flats pretty much continuously since I left uni in 1997 (save short periods staying at my mum's) (and then lots of nights in hostels in 2003) we're now on the cusp of acquiring a proper grown-up house.

Obviously that depends on whether we complete on Friday. We had a few false starts when it came to exchange, so we're not counting our chickens.

(We have none to count.)

I digress.

Living in a house rather than a flat will be really odd for many reasons, not least:
- having an upstairs AND a downstairs: I fear we'll lose each other;
- having a garden which we can access by walking out of the door, rather than out the door, down the steps and round the downstairs neighbour's garden;
- having a back door! One more entrance to secure from burglars I suppose;
- having to clean more rooms than ever - I may be in trouble here;
- being able to have people round to stay without them (necessarily) having to sleep on the floor (this is not an open invite - please call in advance).

It all feels a bit odd and grown-up. Mind you, I turn 30 in eight weeks so perhaps it's about time I felt grown up.


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