Thursday, May 29, 2008

No eye control dear

I've been trying to teach ThingOne to wink for a while now, but she seems incapable. She just shuts both her eyes. I can generally get her to do what I want: high five - no probs, "Peace man" (two fingers up in a V) - easy peasy, thumbs up - yessir, but no winking. She seems to lack awareness of what muscles to move.

This evening when I got home she was telling me that when Thomas (the Tank Engine) is being cheeky he rolls his eyes round and round. She had Anne and me doing this, and thought it was hilarious. When she tried to do it though, she just squinted, and moved her jaw round and round.

Is she just wired wrong, or are all toddlers like this?

Very odd. I wonder at what age she'll figure out eye movements.

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