Monday, May 12, 2008

2008 Oxfam Walk

Yesterday we did a four mile walk around Wimpole Hall with some friends. In all there were six adults, three two year olds and two babies.

A four mile walk seems a long walk with two year olds. The babies were easy.

ThingOne insisted on being carried by me most of the time, and then as soon as we stopped for a rest (which we needed to do as it was very hot and many of us were carrying either babies or two year olds) she'd run off as far as she could to play, and I'd have to chase her to try to keep her within sight and away from stinging nettles.

To ThingOne's delight we were joined on our walk by Nala, one of the dogs we dog sat for last year. ThingOne still insisted on calling her La-La, though this time it was to wind me up rather than because she genuinely thought it was her name.

I swear I was more tired after this four mile walk than I was after the thirteen mile walk we did at the same location a few years ago.

I've been playing about with Google Presentations to set up a slideshow of a few photos from the day. I do like Google Docs, I do.

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