Sunday, June 01, 2008

Video thrilled the baby girl's pa

A couple of vids today, and not just because the title of the post alone makes it worth doing (though that is the case). I've just got round to transferring some video, having finally got the Firewire cable I needed to connect my DV cam to the laptop, so that's another reason.

First, my guess is this will be used as evidence in the future when ThingTwo tries to prove she's been short changed by being born second. We have much less footage of ThingTwo than we did of ThingOne as a baby, and what little we have is generally overrun by ThingOne. In this clip, eldest excels herself at sidelining her sister. (I'm not convinced by Blogger's video facility. It seems to need to you start the video, pause it, and then wait an age for it to buffer.)

I left Anne's last comment in on purpose, natch.

And here's biggest with a spontaneous burst of the theme tune to one of her favourite TV shows. Missing out a bit in the middle.

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