Sunday, November 14, 2004

Insert sofa pun here

When we moved our stuff from Ealing to Cambridge the other week we found our large sofa was broken. When we sat on it we sunk down low. How did the tennants in our Ealing flat put up with that?? I don't think it was them that broke it - I think it's been breaking over time. The frame had bust, and I ripped the bottom of the sofa open to find the frame was made of chipboard. Well who'd have ever have thought to ask what a sofa frame was made of when you bought it? (Having asked around, everyone seems to be saying "Oh yes, make sure you get a good hardwood frame on a sofa". Wish they'd told us that five eyars ago. Lesson: don't buy an expensive sofa from Next.

Anyway, like the baby Jesus, I became a carpenter last week and fixed it (well, I did what I could). I bought some mending plates and managed to force the broken frame together.

It's not perfect, but it's much better to sit on now. I am like a proper manual worker. Very proud of myself!

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