Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Blog problems

I've been having problems.

I've gone over my quota on the free webspace I was using, and have had to pay to upgrade to an enhanced account. This has left my blog offline for a few days (well, I've not been able to access it, but friends tell me they can and there are no photos up). I'll sort it out in the next day or so I hope. I have some photos of our weekend spent moving furniture, so I'll get those uploaded when I can.

Aha! I can see it now, and it seems the photos are missing, as are all the other pages (Metro letters, family tree data...). Must mean I've been moved to another (presumably upgraded) server. I'll have to upload all my files to this new server. Given that Virgin have been unable to get broadband installed at our new house this could be a slow process. I should be able to keep the blog going though - you lucky lucky people.

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