Monday, November 08, 2004

The Mouse that roared

Anne and I went up to Bridlington for the weekend to celebrate her "Pompa"'s 80th (!) birthday. We had a fab meal and stayed in a nice little hotel.

On the way home on Sunday our little Fiesta ("The Mouse") was making a lot of noise. I quickly knew the exhaust was going. I'd just been saying we should look this month to get a new car, since I doubt The Mouse will get through its MOT in November. I think it heard me and got all offended.

The noise got louder and loudar as we drove from Bridlington to Cambridge. We countered by turning the volume up on the radio. Louder and louder. "Come on The Mouse!" we chanted, "Come on - just get us home - please!"

As we got into Cambridge I heard a big thud and the noise got even more unbearable. Oh dear. Driving the last mile home was hard as the noise was quite embarrassing. I took the poor thing to Kwik Fit this morning, and they're fixing it as I write this. I didn't want to spend any more money on it, but I couldn't have driven around to look for a new car with the exhaust like this. Here's a photo of poor The Mouse right now:

Poor, poor The Mouse.

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