Thursday, August 07, 2008

Quote unquote

A few of ThingOne's favourite phrases at the moment:

"Is that a good plan?" (usually after she suggests doing somehting she likes, e.g. "How about you do a jigsaw with me Daddy? Is that a good plan?")

"Do you understand?" (usually after explaining what she wants to do, especially if we haven't jumped and given her what she wants.)

"Of course I can" (when we ask her to do something that she's willing to do).

It's very funny hearing these things from her mouth. It's sometimes like looking at a mirror on our own behaviour and it's nice to think we (mainly Anne now I come to think about it) use these phrases to her a lot.

While Anne's teaching her these key phrases, I'm educating her in more useful ways. ThingOne now recognises (and frequently asks about) Hellboy, Batman and The Joker (whom I've told her is a rascal who likes to make mischief).

She also ran around the house with me before work this morning, with us both shouting "No, I'M Spartacus!" at each other.

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