Sunday, August 17, 2008

In which ThingOne is a bit backward

ThingOne often wakes up singing ZYX, a song from They Might Be Giants's kids CD Here Come the ABCs. It's basically the alphabet backwards, and I'm tickled to hear her sing it. I was at uni before I learned to recite the alphabet backwards.

I finally got it on video, though here she got the ending wrong, singing eBcba. Fool! Since then, every time she sings it she sings a B instead of a D because she now thinks she's really funny for doing it.

Infuriating! How am I supposed to sell her to a travelling freak show if she thinks it's funny to get it wrong?!


Amy said...

I *still* can't do the alphabet backwards, that must make me very backward indeed :)

You have to teach her it's 'zed' not 'zee' though!

Stephen said...

Can't do your alphabet backwards?? How do you get through the day?

I do try to shout "zed" over any of the TMBG songs at the right times, in a similar way Anne and I are well trained to distract Lily whenever a swearword comes on in a song we're listening too.

(Generally we avoid songs with potty talk in them, but occasionally we're confident it's either obscured or easily covered up.)