Monday, June 09, 2008

Choo choo blogging

I'm publishing this from a train. How cool is that. Welcome to 2005!

I'm away from home with work for three nights in Edinburgh from today (Monday). ThingOne (very much a daddy's girl) won't like this. I've put her to bed all but (I think) one night since ThingTwo was born, and one night last week I only just made it in time and came home to a very sad little girl (and stressed wife).

I tried to prepare ThingOne over the weekend by showing her pictures of Scotland and telling her about it, and then telling her I'll be going there with work on Monday. Last night ThingOne got a bit upset about this, but was able to be distracted. Around 8.30pm last night ThingOne had her first bad dream, and woke up sweaty and shaking. I don't know if it was connected to getting upset by me going away or just a coincidence, but it made me feel worse about going away.

This morning I had to leave early to get a train into work (as I was going to leave for Edinburgh straight from work in the afternoon). As I was about to leave the house, Anne noticed a rash on both of ThingOne's temples. She pressed a glass on it and it didn't go away. Meningitis scare - off to A&E. We knew the risk was low, but advice is to go to A&E for that sort of thing and we felt sick to our stomachs at the thought of it. To avoid unnecessary suspense in this posting, she was given the all clear. They didn't know what the rash was, but were satisfied it wasn't "the big M" (doctor's words). It may just have been ThingOne's attempt to keep me there for longer (it worked).

ThingOne was a bit dazed to be in hospital, but was a little star there. She put up with the nurse and doctor prodding her chest, arms and various orifices and lay down when asked (after first jumping into Anne's arms saying she didn't want to lie down). I had to get a urine sample from her, and that was interesting, as she was a little suspicious of the pot in the potty. She then wanted to try on the toilet instead and I had to hold her on there while trying to manoeuvre the sample tub down the loo underneath her. The things parents have to do.

Anne just told me (via IM - on a train!!) that ThingOne had chocolate mousse for pudding tonight for being so brave. Too right. She deserved that and a whole lot more.

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