Sunday, June 15, 2008

What's up, Tiger ThingOne?

Today was Father's Day, and I was woken by ThingOne in an "I Love Daddy" t shirt. ThingTwo had one too. Anne said they cost a pound each in M&S.

ThingOne and I went on the bike down to Parker's Piece in Cambridge this morning to see The Cambridge Town and Country Show, meeting up with another dad and his son, Jake. ThingOne enjoyed it, and we went on a small steam engine and had a picnic. I spent a grand total of £1.80 on a white tiger mask for ThingOne.

Tip for the day:
Here's something they never tell you in the parenting books. If you tie a balloon to your wrist to stop it floating away and you're wearing a backpack, you're going to have trouble getting the backpack off. If you finally manage (by removing the balloon, and then tying it to your wrist again) you're going to have trouble putting the backpack back on.

Tie the balloon to the backpack instead.

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