Monday, March 12, 2007

Norfolk Bean

Today the three of have come away to Norfolk for five days. We’ve rented a cottage in Winterton, just north of Great Yarmouth. It’s out of season so things are quiet, but the weather started glorious and looks set to continue. (Not particularly hot, but sunny and bright.)

With lack of sleep and interrupted nights we didn’t feel up to a holiday in ThingOne’s first year (so had a week’s holiday at home) but we’re feeling brave enough now.

The cottage is a bit basic. It’s to the shame of British Tourism that it’s still possible to rent places without a shower! We didn’t think to ask, thinking EVERYWHERE would have a shower (for crying out loud). Still, we’re on holiday so will make the most of it. With the exception of the shower I think we're to blame anyway. We've gone for a cottage in the same price range we usually go for, neglecting to remember that we now need a cottage with TWO BEDROOMS, and if we pay the same as we did for a one bed cottage we'll get fewer comforts. Must remember there are now three of us...

We dropped in on my mum’s cousin in Swaffham on the way here, and ThingOne had a good time showing off her new walking skills. She also ate some sausages, which she’s never had before. ThingOne has a habit of eating foods that she’s previously always refused when other people are present, just to show Anne up when ThingOne is offered food and Anne says, “No, she won’t eat that”.

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