Tuesday, March 13, 2007

(Oh) She does like to be beside the seaside...

On Tuesday we were up early (ThingOne’s choice, not ours) and took a walk to the local beach. It was the first time ThingOne had seen the sea, and once she’d got over the novelty of walking on sand we took her to the water’s edge. She LOVED it! We could barely hold her back – she was desperate to run into the sea. It was cold, so we weren’t going to let her do that, but we let her run to the edge and then lifted her back as the waves reached her. She squealed with delight each time. Great fun.

In the afternoon it was zoo time – more animals for ThingOne following Sunday’s farm trip. We went to the nearby Thrigby Wildlife Park to see Asian animals (yes, quite specifically only Asian animals). It was over £8 each for me and Anne, so we weren’t impressed to find the café closed for refurbishments (we’d planned to have lunch there before seeing the animals). Honestly – no wonder people don’t holiday much in Britain! They didn’t charge us an out-of-season rate did they? No.

We sucked it up, bought some (grotty) sandwiches from the gift shop (we had ThingOne’s lunch with us) and then went to see the animals. ThingOne was excited to see the leopards, but I don’t think she was particularly impressed by any of the other animals. We could barely get her to look at the monkeys, which held our attention for quite a while. ThingOne was more interested in running about on the grass, up and down hills, climbing steps and falling over. I think she got our money's worth (even at £8 each for me and Anne).

Later she did spend a while looking at the tigers and some birds. She was probably just tired out by that point and needed a rest.

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