Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Yarmouth: Great?

Wednesday, following an unusually interrupted night’s sleep, Great Yarmouth, only about 8 miles from where we're staying. We bought tickets for the Sea Life Centre (taking out a second mortgage to cover it) and showed ThingOne sharks, turtles, fish etc. She was pretty keen on some of it, but again was much more interested in running around (away from us), saying “bye bye” to everyone. We went twice round the centre (we were the only visitors there) before taking ThingOne out for a nap. Anne went to get a coffee and read the paper while I pushed ThingOne in her buggy up and down the prom. She slept for 40 minutes (she generally needs more than this, but gets too excited when we’re out) and then I went to meet Anne.

For lunch we had fish and chips at Harry Ramsden’s. Because that’s what you have at the seaside. ThingOne’s a big potato-fan (as opposed to a big-potato fan), so ate a fair few chips, and impressed us by eating a fair amount of fish too. Plus she ate one pea. Probably by mistake. Mainly though, ThingOne ate bread. She LOVES bread. Any kind of bread. After she finished our bread she pointed at the bread of the people at the next table and shouted “Ba!” We think that means “Bread. Give me bread!”

After some more time on the beach, where ThingOne again tried to run into the sea and had great fun pushing her pushchair down the pier, it was another circuit of the Sea Life Centre (making sure we got our money’s worth). Then it was “soft play” time in their cafeteria. This comprised a ball-pit, some cushions and slide I couldn’t figure out how to get into – I think I was too big. Shame as ThingOne likes going down slides.

After this we made our way back to the car to go back to the cottage, but we’d barely set off when ThingOne flaked out. We walked her up and down the prom a bit as she needed the rest.

She’s having a tiring week. As are Anne and I – we’re shattered.

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