Friday, March 12, 2010

Mother's (Short) Day

Wednesday evening when I got home from work:

ThingOne approaches me, conspiratorially.
"Daddy, on Sunday please can we..."
ThingOne pauses. She turns to her mum.
"Mummy, I've forgotten what time."
Anne whispers "Half past eight."
ThingOne turns back to me.
"Daddy, on Sunday please can we take Mummy breakfast in bed at half past eight because it's Mother's Day?"
I am suspicious. "Did Mummy put you up to this?"
I feel rather bullied.

Anne will probably get her wish, even if she did go about her request in a nerfarious manner. If she's lucky I'll even stop ThingOne and ThingTwo from preparing the breakfast and do it myself.

In retrospect half past eight isn't an unreasonable request. It says something that Anne's dream is to be allowed to sleep in until half past eight, and then be given breakfast.

At what age can kids be trusted to get up by themselves, make their own breakfast and watch The Wide Awake Club, leaving their parents to sleep?

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George said...

Perhaps Anne wants breakfast brought to her so early so that she is awake to enjoy not getting out of bed for the rest of the morning? I have a postit note stuck to the calendar and on it is a list of "suggestions" for Mother's Day. It pretty much amounts to a demand for more than one cup of tea in bed so perhaps even I haven't been ambitious enough either.

Alex has been coming down stairs and getting herself breakfast for a month or so. Well, sort of. Normally it is moot as Stephanie has decided that the day starts at half four. On the rare occasion that Stephanie sleeps in past seven o'clock Alex will take herself off downstairs. She turns on the tv in the hope that we have left it tuned to CBeebies. Failing that she will go and play on the computer. Then after half an hour or so she'll come back upstairs to get us out of bed.

If it is a week day and no one else is up before Ian goes to work he will leave out breakfast for Alex in the hope that she will help herself and let me have an extra half hour in bed.