Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Toddler talk

ThingOne seems to have made another leap in language and understanding lately. Here's three conversations or quotes that have impressed us or made us laugh recently. None are particularly cute or funny, but I wanted to record them as they give us a good indication of where a three year old ThingOne was at. Poor ThingTwo is going to be judged against this.

When Anne was annoyed at ThingOne for something, ThingOne said the following in an angry tone (the numbers are part of the quote):
"1. Calm down
2. Stop being cross
3. Do you want me to give you a cuddle?"

When looking in the mirror, ThingOne asked her mum about her (ThingOne's) eyes. Presumably this interest was brought on by this book I recently bought for her about the human body:
L: My eyes are blue
A: Yes, they are
L: Which bit do you mean? The circle bit?
A: Yes
L: The bit in the middle is black
A: That's right. What colour is the bit around the outside?
L: It's white
A: That's right
L: Is that my bone?

We're frequently impressed by ThingOne's grasp of left and right, a concept we thought would be difficult for her to pick up. She was looking at ThingTwo yesterday and vocalised her thought processes when working out which side of her face ThingTwo had some food on:
"Look. ThingTwo has a bit of breadstick on her left cheek. It's her left because she's facing the other way to me."

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George said...

Clever girl!