Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dad and ThingOne make a promo

Up until now, when I've made a video of ThingOne (or ThingTwo) it's been for Anne's and my amusement, or as a record of some stage of development. Nowadays, when I take video on our ElecticPhotoCamera ThingOne immediately wants to see it, so now I seem to be forced to take a lot of videos of her dancing. Many many dancing videos.

ThingOne recently saw an episode of Peppa Pig where Peppa's dad makes a movie with a movie camera. I said that we could make a video ourselves if she liked and she seemed keen. She seemed less keen when I tried to 'direct' her. I had her going in and out of her toy box so I could impress her with camera trickery, but ThingOne didn't seem to have the end product in mind and was more on for immediate gratification. By which I mean she wanted to do dancing and toddler tomfoolery.

I was up until late last night editing it together, and was please to see ThingOne laugh and laugh when she saw the result this morning. Partly she was amused by the little bits of amateurish camera trickery ("Daddy did magic" she said when she saw herself get out of a box twice in quick succession), but mainly she just likes to see herself on TV, and likes to see her 'beautiful beautiful ballet dancing'.

Probably one for close family only this - four minutes of ThingOne auditioning for High School Musical 13...

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Anonymous said...

My niece the diva! love it!!