Saturday, September 27, 2008

Centre Parcs 3

We went to Centre Parcs last weekend, as we have each year since ThingOne was born. We went with my mum, sister, her husband and her in-laws. We'd only been back from Spain a week, so the timing wasn't the best from the point of view of spreading out our valuable holidays, but it worked out well for getting ThingOne back in the swimming pool quickly.

She was much more confident this time. It probably helped that it was a warm indoor pool. She even went down water slides with me twice. I tried my best to hold her up as I splashed into the pool at the end, but I'm pretty sure she went under each time. Whilst she wasn't keen on that bit there were no tears (and the fact she went twice means it can't have put her off that much).

We also hired a bike with a kiddy trailer, since Anne is thinking of getting one as transport around town (they're common around Cambridge). Apart from a bit of whinging from ThingOne that ThingTwo was touching her (ThingOne's) face, or trying to pull her hair, it was pretty successful. ThingTwo was a bit wobbly in it, so I don't think we're ready to get one just yet, but it's worth thinking about.

The weather was fab, and ThingOne got a lot more out of it than in previous years when she would spend 20 minutes in the pool and that was it. In previous years it was more about Anne and me relaxing with family, but ThingOne was much more keen to do things this year, so it was less relaxing and more exhausting.
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