Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nudism and the tank-car

A second post on our recent Spanish holiday.

One thing we were keen to do on holiday was to give ThingOne plenty of chance to get confident in the swimming pool. She's not been swimming much since she went to classes as a baby, but when she has been she's enjoyed it, but has been very nervous about getting her face wet.

We made some progress while we were away, and Anne got her jumping into the pool and into Anne's arms. A couple of times whilst waddling around in the baby pool ThingOne did stumble and go under, or just get her face wet, and that was a disaster for ThingOne. She took a fair bit of calming down. However we managed to get her back in after each tumble, and told her to close her eyes if her face got wet and wipe the water away afterwards. This didn't have much effect on holiday, but clearly some of it went in since after we got home she enjoyed splashing in the bath and wiping her face. We knew we'd need to get her to a pool soon so as not to lose the progress she'd made. She's getting there gradually and I don't think we need to push her much, just get her in the pool regularly so she gets used to it.

The thing ThingOne enjoyed most at the pool was indulging her penchant for nudism. We would arrive at the pool most days with ThingOne in a sun suit, to try to stop her from burning up. She'd generally be wearing a hat too. There wasn't much skin for the sun to hit. After she'd been in the pool once she'd come out, stip her sun suit off (becasue it was wet) and would then spend the rest of the time at the pool running around "nudie" (usually shouting that too). One extreme to the other. We just couldn't convince her to keep the wet sun suit on. We had just as little success with normal swimming costumes. The nude fool!

Anne and I indulged ourselves a little while we were away by hiring a massive car. We could have all fitted in the boot quite comfortably. We thought we'd hire one for fun, since it was only a little more for a week and we have no intention of buying one at home. I wondered if we would become converts, since there are clearly luggage advantages, but it just felt too high and too big. It was fun for a while, but I have no problems with my dull old Fiesta.
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