Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Webcam cache makes a half century

The observant amoung you will have noticed our "Geocaches Found" count (top left of our home page) switching to 50 today. That's because, after finding two at the weekend on a Cambridge "caching event"(!) I found another two caches today near Liverpool Street.

Neither were traditional caches (i.e. they weren't boxes full of goodies). The 50th was a Webcam cache. With this, I followed the GPSr to a location visible on the web via some webcams. Anne was at home and took a screenshot of me at the location (we coordinated ourselved via electric mobile telephones). To log the cache as "found" we then uploaded the screenshot (with me circled) to the Geocaching website, and Bob was our uncle. Done!

Here's the image, with me celebrating our 50th find. You can't really see it but I was standing with my arm in the air and my legs spread, looking proudly ridiculous while city workers around me went to work. I'm in the top left hand photo, circled in red. Click on the photo for a bigger image.

That's right: look impressed.

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