Friday, October 29, 2010

Strange bedfellows

In a few weeks we're having some work done on the house, and while the work's being done ThingOne and ThingTwo will be sharing a bedroom. Occasionally we put them in together to see how they get on, and we've done that tonight. They seem to enjoy it, and don't disturb each other too much. ThingOne's in a bed, and ThingTwo's across the room in a cot.

After I'd put them to bed tonight they were quiet, so I went downstairs. Later I heard chatting, and went upstairs, sat outside the bedroom door and listened as they talked in darkness.
ThingTwo: "Am I sitting down or standing up?"
ThingOne: "Sitting down?"
ThingTwo: "No."
ThingOne: "Standing up?"
ThingTwo: "Yes. Now am I sitting down or standing up?"
ThingOne: "Sitting down?"
ThingTwo: "Yes. Can you see me now?"
ThingOne: "No."
ThingTwo: "What am I doing now?"
ThingOne: "I don't know. I can't see you."
ThingTwo: "I'm doing this."
ThingOne: "What are you doing?"
ThingTwo: "This."
ThingOne: "I can't see you. You'll have to tell me."
ThingTwo: "I'm doing this."
ThingOne: "What? Wait a minute, I think I can see you. Are you standing up?"
ThingTwo: "No."
ThingOne: "Oh. I can't see you then."

Nice to hear they can entertain themselves.

Later still we heard shouting. Anne went in to find ThingTwo continually shouting "ThingOne - are you asleep? ThingOne?" ThingOne was fast asleep. When she saw Anne ThingTwo said "I ask ThingOne if she asleep but she not answer me." What a Benny.

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