Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shall we fight?

Last week I showed ThingOne the first hour of Star Wars (I mean Episode IV of course). Within minutes ThingOne was shocked and exclaimed "What? Why are the goodies dying?" She's used to only baddies dying in films (though come to think of it she didn't seem bothered when a goody died in The Princess and the Frog). Had I jumped the gun by showing it to her? She's quite savvy about what's real and what's not, and occasionally checks with me that the people fighting on-screen are friends in real life.

We watched the middle section today, where the goodies rescue the princess from the Death Star (after the baddies have blown up a planet). She's seen bits of this section before, and enjoyed seeing it all the way through a lot.

I figured she'd got through it with no ill effects and I was a star parent. Only the Battle of Yavin section to go!

Turns out ThingOne's dad isn't much better than Luke's. A couple of hours later ThingOne was asking if she and I could fight, one being the goody and one the baddy, and take it in turns to die. She made a weird guttural noise at me, which turned out to be the sound we should each make when we pretend to die.

ThingTwo watched on a little baffled as we fought to the death.

Let's hope this doesn't come up at the next school parent's evening.

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