Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And this is why I chose not to be a burglar

It wasn't too late when I went to bed last night, but when I did Anne was already asleep. I snuck into our bedroom so as not to wake her. I'm thoughtful like that. She'd turned the lights off, which would turn out to be her undoing.

I took my cuff-links off and went to put them in my box of cuff-links on top of my chest of drawers. In doing so I knocked over a china bowl that was on there. It's a bowl full of coins, and I've no idea why it's there. I use it to dump my 1ps and 2ps in to lighten my pockets, but I'm sure I didn't put the bowl there in the first place.

Coppers poured over the glass surface. It wasn't quiet. I fumbled to stop the noise, tipping more coins onto the glass. I realised that the only way to stop the noise was to not move. I stood as still as a statue.


What was that? Why, a bouncy ball of course. A bouncy ball had been in the bowl I knocked over and must have been rolling about on top of my chest of drawers as I tried to stop the noise. It then rolled off and bounced across the room. Loudly.

My efforts to be silent as a mouse had been thwarted by Anne's careless turning off of the lights.

Rather than apologising to me, Anne was annoyed and tutted as she woke up. She should be grateful I hadn't accidentally turned on the robot brass band on the other side of the room.


Kerry Bear said...

I better get you some infr-red goggles for Xmas.

Stephen said...

Great - then Anne could watch me flail around in the dark