Friday, August 28, 2009

Five years on

Serenading, originally uploaded by skenttaylor.

It's our five year wedding anniversary today. Five years on and our lives are very different, with two kids to look after and Anne having had a change in career.

We don't normally buy gifts or cards to celebrate our anniversaries, but earlier in the week Anne asked if we should do something this year, given that it's our fifth, which is important because it's the number of digits on one hand and so notable in our decimalised society.

We decided not to do gifts, but we would do cards. We usually ensure we have a nice meal to celebrate, so we're going to do that too. At least it was clear though: cards yes, gifts no.

This morning I gave Anne her card from me.

Anne said "Oh, are we doing cards?"

"Yes!", I said. "We agreed it earlier in the week. We specifically said cards but no gifts."

"Did we? Oh, sorry. I'll have to get you one in town later today."

It's probably our excellent communication skills that are the secret of our success so far.

Happy anniversary my love. You are fab.

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