Friday, August 14, 2009


ThingOne had her friend Jake round to play this afternoon.

"Let's go and play 'Die!'" ThingOne said as the kids disappeared upstairs.

Jake's dad at this point was probably concerned. Anne certainly was. A moment later though Anne figured out what ThingOne was talking about and explained it to Jake's dad.

The kids recently got a new toy: a bouncy rubber die (singular of dice). They like bouncing it around the house, but ThingOne, being number-obsessed, also likes to play number games with it. She and ThingTwo take turns to throw it, and whoever throws the highest number wins. It's turned into a great little game for them, and it should help ThingTwo start to learn turns. ThingOne propbably learned about taking turns a lot later, but I suspect ThingTwo, with ThingOne's help, will learn fairly soon. We're going to get a second die, so that ThingOne can do adding games with it too. ThingOne spends much of her day adding up any numbers she sees, so she'll probably enjoy that.

I'm pleased to hear ThingOne use the correct term for a single die, but Anne's concerned she'll come across as a right little madam in pre-school if she starts correcting people on their language.

I hardly think that's likely. I correct people's English all the time and no one thinks I'm an irritating git. No one at all.

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