Sunday, June 07, 2009

Coming on nicely

ThingTwo's over 15 months old now. She's toddling around happily, pushing teeth out at a fair rate and she adores her big sister. Her big sister seems to be having a few problems coming to terms with the little one growing up and wanting to play with 'her' toys, but we'll conveniently gloss over that.

ThingTwo's a cheery soul most of the time, and I am very very grateful to her for being a pretty good sleeper. Having the second child being a better sleeper than the first seems to me to be a good deal. She very much likes her home and her people (Anne, ThingOne and me), which is nice to know, but can sometimes be grumpy when she goes somewhere without her mum and sister, or when someone (even grannies) visits. She eventually warms to these intuders, but it takes time, and she's not very sublte at showing her annoyance.

She adores teddies (she has her favourites, but isn't really that fussy and any teddy will do in an emergency). If she bangs her head (as she does a lot, given how unsteady she is on her feet) through her tears she cries "Teddy, teddy!" and needs a teddy to cry into. Initially I thought she was calling for me (her "Teddy!" sounds similar to her "Daddy!") but apparently I'm a poor second to a stuffed toy.

In the second photo below you should be able to make out her latest head injury on her right temple. She's a clumsy monkey.





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