Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Whither sanctuary?

Since having kids I don't get much time to myself. My daily commute to work has become my sanctuary. It's my 'me time' when I can feed my addiction to podcasts and relax.

I took the train to work on Tuesday so Anne could have the car for the day. She was taking the girls for an Easter Egg Hunt at a friend's house in the afternoon.

The walk to the station and into work was a nice change for me, and it was a pleasant morning. I listened to my podcasts whilst getting some excercise. All was well.

Anne was going to pick me up from work at 6pm, following the Egg Hunt and kids tea, and I would drive them home to get the kids in the bath. I was looking forward to being met from work by my three ladies, so when Anne called to let me know she was about to leave to pick me up I was happy.

Then I got another, more frantic call from Anne. As Anne had neared my work ThingOne had thrown up all over herself and the car seats. She gets a bit car sick sometimes, but this is ridiculous. Anne had to stop in a lay-by and clean up ThingOne and the car, and I trudged down the road to meet them.

My expectations of a fun drive home with company were not met. Instead I had a miserable ThingOne, a screaming ThingTwo, a stressed Anne, and a car that smelled strongly of sick.

I missed my podcasts. I missed my peace. I missed the aroma of no kid sick.


Kerry Glazier said...

You made your bed, Kent-Taylor!

Simon said...

...and so you must lie in it. Nevertheless, take heart Stephen, the bed gets more comfortable as time goes on, you don't have to make it so often (it learns to make itself eventually)...and one day there will be no more puke on the sheets...have I stretched the metaphor enough? Well anyways, life gets easier. We've just had the best holiday ever and a major factor has to be that the kids are more independent than ever (Nathan is at last out of night-time nappies). Hope this all helps.