Saturday, February 23, 2008

Waiting for Buddo

The Bud is now two days overdue, and Anne is doing all in her power to convince herself it'll arrive at any time. ThingOne was eleven days late, so Anne is quite concerned she could still be 'confined' next week. Her hips have been hurting, and she's had problems with the baby lying on her sciatic nerve, so she could do with meeting the chap/lass within the next few days.

A warning: text messages to Anne asking "Has The Bud arrived yet?" may meet with an angry response, as they just serve to remind Anne she is still a vessel when her contract said it would be over by now.

Come on The Bud: Show yourself!

Curry on the menu for the foreseeable future I suspect.

ThingOne seems to be looking forward to her new brother or sister, though spends more of her time on her jigsaws than she does thinking about her sibling. She's been very good at letting her mum rest at the weekends, which is as well since I've been working a lot so haven't been much help to Anne during the week.

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