Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tired and emotional

Oct 07 070, originally uploaded by skenttaylor.

ThingOne's not been well.

We visited some friends in Battersea at the weekend and the whole time we were there ThingOne was either grumpy or asleep. Not quite true since she did perk up whenever Bob the cat appeared (though Bob soon ran away whenever ThingOne approached him) and seemed a little happier whenever her Maisy DVD was on the TV. It dawned on us that we've been away from home each of the last six weekends, so perhaps we should all have a rest.

Not sure what's wrong with ThingOne, but she's a bit better today. She's ended up in our bed for the last few nights (though generally only after 5am).

It's reminded me that she's actually had a pretty healthy summer, after frequent short bouts of illness before that. Anne thinks her final *baby) teeth may be trying to make an appearance. Part of me think "No, please no!" but part of me thinks we might as well get it over with. Better now than after The Bud arrives I suppose.

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