Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mole location

ThingOne's become interested in moles, having found Anne has one on her chest, ThingOne has one on her leg, and I have one on my stomach.

Today, with me out at work, ThingOne started pointing at Anne's chest mole. ("Chest mole" isn't a euphemism btw.)

Anne: "That's Mummy's mole. Where's ThingOne's mole?"

ThingOne points to her leg.

Anne (trying to get ThingOne to say "tummy" or indicate a stomach in another way): "And where's Daddy's mole?"

ThingOne: "Work."

Sometimes she makes us feel like we ask silly questions.

In other news, we had five days of potty training and have decided to give up for the time being. ThingOne's made some progress but was getting really stressed by it. If we weren't going on holiday to France on Friday we might have persevered, but we've decided we don't want to fight her all week. She can be a baby for a bit longer. (But had better be out of nappies when The Bud arrives!)

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