Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wet weekend

Ah, a rainy weekend. We're off to a music thing in Leicester tomoorrow which I understand will be partly outside. I hope it dries up by then.

Anne was at Yoga this morning, and ThingOne and I did our customary trip to Sainsburys, followed by going to the cafe in the supermarker afterwards. I had a coffee and scone and ThingOne had water and a muslei bar. There are a lot of nutters in Sainsburys cafe, but I needed a break after being made to feel like I, and all the other customers, were in the way of the staff in Sainsburys. I used to work in Sainsburys in Welwyn Garden City when I was at school, and in Uni holidays, and I'm sure I wasn't so resentful of customers. (I probably was.)

I think I wrote the word Sainsburys too many times in that paragraph.

I got soaked on the way home, but ThingOne was warm and cosy under the rain cover of her pushchair. I'm now writing a blog entry wearing just pants and T shirt while I wait for my shorts to dry (yes, I was wearing shorts - it looked like it was going to be a nice day this morning).

Blog admin: If anyone uses RSS (or "atom") feeds to read this blog you may have noticed loads of old entries appearing in the feed. Don't fret - I'm not experimenting with time travel ( I?) (no, I'm not). I'm just updating the links to photos. When I moved server in April all my entries still pointed to photos at the old address ( but they should now all point to You'd think there's be a faster way to do this than by editing and republishing every entry with a photo, but I couldn't find one at Blogger. Hrumph!

Here are a couple of photos of ThingOne (now with a little hair!) to brighten up this otherwise-dull entry. Here she is showing her early maternal side:

Here she is showing the folly of her method of eating bread with spread on it (ThingOne's method is to shove the bread spread-first onto her face):

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