Sunday, January 30, 2005

One year later

We returned from our travels a year ago (27th January 2004). In that year we've moved to Cambridge, got jobs, got engaged, got married and bought a house. Phew! Finally, on Friday (28th January 2005) the sale of our flat in Ealing completed and we're no longer heavily in debt with two mortgages - hurrah! We couldn't sell it any earlier that October else we'd have had to pay a hefty penalty on our mortgage, but as soon as our tenants moved out in September we put it on the market. Suddenly all the papers were talking-up a housing-market crash. Grrr! We'd bought a house in Cambridge in a sellers' market and were now selling our flat in a buyers' market.

Anyway, it's all done now and we're finally feeling a bit more secure. Anne's not drunk alcohol since New Year, and we'd had a bottle of Champagne chilling for when the flat sold, so Anne chose Friday night to end her abstinence.

It was a night of celebration. After a tasty chicken-and-roasted-veggies dinner, we settled down to watch 28 Days Later on DVD. This was apt, I thought, since it had been 28 days since alcohol had passed Anne's lips. I pointed out that it would have been more appropriate if we'd watched 28 Days, the movie with Sandra Bullock as an alcoholic.

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