Monday, January 24, 2005


Hello again. I'm here to give you an update on Anne's and my Christmas. It was rubbish (though not as bad as many people's on the other side of the world, so I'll try to keep the whinging to a minimum).

I started to get a bit of a cold on Christmas Eve, but I wasn't that bad. Off Anne and I popped up to Lincolnshire to visit Anne's mum. Through the day I gradually got more sniffy.

On Christmas Day I was in a state. I ended up going back to bed (and I never go to bed when I'm ill). I felt anti-social, so I made the effort to get up for food, but that was about it.

The next day, after we'd distributed boxes to the staff and told them to have the day off, I felt worse and worse. I spent most of the day in bed, getting up briefly to watch half an episode of Columbo in the afternoon. I returned to bed and hallucinated about Columbo for the rest of the afternoon. My fever broke that night and I felt much better, though still crappy.

So, yes, a bad couple of days, but the worst of it was over for me. However, everyone else then started getting ill. I'd missed the point and rather than emulate the Virgin Mary over the festive season I'd gone and done my Typhoid Mary impression. Silly me. Anne's mum and step-dad cancelled their New Year plans due to illness, Anne spent a day or two in bed, Anne's sister Kerry's boyfriend was ill while visiting his family in Spain, and I later found out her other sister, Rebecca, was also ill. All because I didn't want to stay in bed and be anti-social. Oops! Sorry everyone.

Anne and I were still ill at New Year. it was a very tough bug, and it was a good few weeks before we were getting back to normal (our normal tired selves). I guess hitting 30 took it out of me a bit.

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