Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time for some harsh truths

This morning ThingOne asked me about the war memorial in Woodhall Spa as we walked past it. (We're here visiting Anne's mum.)

I explained that it was there to remember people who died in two big wars, one of which took place not long before her grannies were born.

L:"Was there a baddy?"
S:"Sort of. America and France were on our side, along with some other countries, and they were at war with Germany, Italy, and some others. The leader of Germany was a particularly bad man."
L:"Were all the Germans baddies?"
S:"To the English they might have been, but it was more that they were following the orders of some bad people."
L:"Who won the war?"
S:"We did."
L:(Quietly) "Yessss!"
L:"And did the baddy die."
S:"Yes, he died at the end of the war."
L:"How did he die? Did the English kill him?"
S:"Er, no, not quite." (Why do I get drawn in?)
L:"So how did he die?"
S:"He killed himself when he realised he'd lost the war."
L:"Really? How?"
S:"He shot himself with his gun."

Followed by silence.

I think I may have gone too far.

Suddenly ThingOne's almost-three year old sister ThingTwo piped up. "You can't KILL YOURSELF!" and then laughed hysterically.

I'm glad ThingTwo was enjoying herself. ThingOne was still a little shell shocked.

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